Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall is here...almost!

So the last time I posted it was a million degrees outside and now we are blessed with cool mornings and warm afternoons. I can't believe it has been so long since I posted but things are crazy in our lives right now. For one, I am spending alot of time at work which is great because I love what I do although simple as it may be. Second, Bentlee is growing like a weed and developing into such a determined and strong-willed little girl. I mean, no more car seat (tantrum-yes I do still put her in it BUT it is a fight!), no more sitting in the basket at Target (but rather standing) and the use of the word "no" and "mine" in almost every conversation. I see alot of me coming out in her and that is really frightening! She loves being outside in this great weather and we have come to expect skinned knees and scrapes as well as bites of all sorts anytime she goes out. I constantly am armed with Neosporian and Band-Aids. She loves rocks and acorns and playing with the remote controlled boats in the pool with Daddy (no more dada and mama-it is daddy and mommy!) My sister in law had her baby a few weeks ago and it made me miss again that age. I know this sounds crazy but I really miss those days with Bentlee. Nick's parents are moving so that is stressful in itself and we don't even have to do much! So that is about all for now. Enjoy the weather and your kids because it is all for just a moment!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

My new favorite friend!

My cousin gave Bentlee a plush Elmo, or as Bugs calls him, "Melmo."

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So I have decided that one of the times I am able to update my blog is when Bentlee is sick. I guess you know what is coming next...Bugs is sick. No big deal just a "summer cold," whatever that is, and the start of an ear infection. Very low grade fever if at all and a little crankiness. The doctor sent us home with an antibiotic for a fews days to clear up the ear. I of course have the "summer cold" too but was not given anything. I guess I am a big girl and don't need medicine! I really think it has alot to do with the HOT weather and low humidity because I feel completely fine. Needless to say I get to spend extra time with Bugs even if she does not feel 100%. Nick took her to the doctor this morning since I had been in Dallas with my cousin and her 7 week old little girl. After being there I realized I missed that age but I also remembered how much I enjoy our full night of sleep now. My other friend Nicole, had her little girl last Friday in Houston and we are now waiting on Sarah who is due in 3 weeks. My sister-in-law is due in September with a girl also. Bentlee is really excited to have anther playmate and even happier that it is a girl! Not too much has been happening with the Keepers. We had supper club last week at our house which is always a blast. We have the best friends! Nick's 30th birthday is coming up so I am trying to figure out what to do. Very stressful since it is the big 3-0! Bugs is waking up so I gotta run!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy July!

Wow, what a summer it has been! It seams like we are just getting started with summer and now it is already half over. I was at Target (where I amwhen nt at home or work) and they had started getting out the school supply stuff. The summer gear was already on sale for 30% off. Good deals by the way. So to catch everyone up, Bentlee had her first week of swim lessons. They went fine but I think she was a little old for the baby swimmers class. She hated me holding her in the pool and just wanted me to let her go. Of course I didn't, but by the end of the week when we were putting their faces in the water and kicking and laying on them on their stomachs she seemed to be more interested and have more fun. My cousin had her beautiful baby, Margaret (Maggie) Grace. Allyson did great through labor and I was so blesses to be there with her! Maggie is so sweet and has her mommy's eyes. Bentlee was not too thrilled when I was holding her. Maybe a preview of things to come? We finally finished the playroom and it looks awesome! Bentlee loves it and we enjoy having a place to watch TV, be on the computer, and have her toys all in one space. I hosted my first baby shower at the house for my good friend, Sarah. She is due in August with a little boy! Bentlee cannot wait to meet her new playmate! Let's see what else. Oh, we hosted a July 4th party for 3 other couples and their children. It was a blast just to swim, eat and enjoy the company. We went to see the fireworks that our country club does. We all sat on the golf course while the kids ran around. I have never seen Bentlee so excited. She loved the fireworks and was signing "more" when they were finished. Oh, I forgot, we went to one of the neighborhood parades that morning. We decorated her car with flags and garland. Very patriotic. She was also in her school parade earlier in the week. She got her last shot last week until she is 4! Finally a break. I counted all the shots she has had in her life and I think it was 22 or 23! Too many for those chubby thighs. And I can't forget, I was sick again with some stomach bug. This was so bad I ended up at the doctor. I was miserable for 5 days. Luckily Nick and Bentlee did not get. I have no idea how they didn't but I really don't care as long as they didn't catch it! We celebrated our 6th anniversary on the 22nd of June. Nothing big, just dinner by ourselves and a free babysitter (thanks mom and dad!) Bentlee will be spending a few days with her Mimi and Pop in Katy next week. Nick and I are looking forward to spending some time just relaxing and going out to eat past 7:00pm and actually taking more than 5 minutes to eat! July is as busy as June but at least we have a few days to ourselves. Here re some pictures from the past few weeks!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

How much longer?

We made some progress on the playroom this week. We ordered furniture, installed the ceiling fan and stained the new beam. I have a call into the painters that we are ready for them to start ASAP. Nick and I are so tired of tripping over Bentlee's toys that have made their new home in our den. Here is a picture of what the room looked like this morning! We are ready for the playroom to be finished NOW! Have a great week.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

What we have been up to...

So, the remodel of Bentlee's playroom is still going well. The floor is done, the sheetrock is back up and the new cedar beam and trim work should be done Monday or Tuesday. I spent all day Thursday and Friday trying to decide on a paint color. I have 4 different colors on the wall right now and I think I have decided on one of them. I really had a hard time choosing the color which is strange since I always have been able to pick the exact color on the first try. Maybe because I am actually paying someone to paint this room and the pressure is on to choose the right color so I don't have to pay the painter to repaint with a different color. I am so rambling... Anyway, we hosted playgroup this week at the park down the street. We had so much fun but it was a little warm. Bentlee loved going down the slide and pointing at the "doggie" that was there. I cannot believe how big she is getting. I remember last year at this time and realize that she could not even sit up on her own. Now she is RUNNING everywhere, talking and even helping me put clothes in the dryer (I think this last one is so cute!) I can only imagine what next year will hold. My how time flies! My cousin is due with Maggie in 4 weeks and Bentlee is so excited (actually she has no idea but it sounds cute!) My sister in law is due at the beginning of September and Miss B is looking forward to meeting her first cousin. It will be so much fun to have little girls on both sides of the family! We are in Katy for the night to celebrate Mother's Day with Nick's mom and also to visit with her before she leaves on her Greek Isles cruise (so jealous.) We are also looking for furniture for the playroom. I will celebrate my Mother's Day next weekend so I can enjoy breakfast in bed which I am trying to make a little tradition for Bentlee and daddy. I posted a few pics of what we have been up to...enjoy!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

So It Is Pink Eye

Miss Bentlee has pink eye again! We started Thursday as any other day except I did notice that one of her eyes was a little crusty when she woke up. I didn't think much of it since we had a huge storm the night before that blew alot of stuff in the air. I had a huge day at work and had to meet the electrician at 9:00 to go over, what else, the electrical stuff in our playroom remodel. Anyway, we got to school and she started eating her breakfast. I mentioned to one of her teachers to let me know if her eye got worse and I would call the doctor. Next thing I know, we are both back in the car and have been sent home with pink eye. I had to go to work so my wonderful husband agreed to stay home with her ALL DAY! And, added bonus, would even take her to the doctor! She got to stay home with mommy on Friday morning and then daddy watched her in the afternoon. She is fine now, just still putting drops in her eye and an antibiotic to stop the beginning on an ear infection her dr. discovered. This weekend is Cotton Palace and I am blogging, as well as stalking other blogs, to help me stay awake until 11:45 when I have to go to Ridgewood and retrieve a dress that I am to babysit overnight! I am actually surprised how hard it is to make myself stay seems like last week in college when we were leaving the apartment to go out at 10:30! Wow, have things changed! I am posting a pic of Bentlee's new ride. On Friday, she rode 5 separate times. I would say we are getting our money's worth on this one plus mommy and daddy are getting their exercise! Oh, I bought her a bubble machine and she loves it! She learned to say "bubbles" and now repeats it all the time. I highly recommend this genius invention. It beats getting all sticky and soapy from that wand that you can never get out of the bottle!